Custom Work

CFE Studios works with clients to design and build hand made, modern furniture to their exact specifications. From the initial choice of wood and style to the finish, we work hand in hand through the process to deliver a piece that will exceed your expectations. Our work is made to order and never mass produced, leaving customers with unique furniture that will stand the test of time.



As part of your quote, you will be given an estimated completion time frame - since the beauty of custom pieces is that it's, well, custom! In general, once all specs are confirmed lead times are approximately:


Coffee Tables: 3 - 5 weeks

Desks: 4 - 6 weeks

Dining Tables: 4 - 6 weeks

Conference Tables: 6 - 8 weeks


These can vary (both shorter and longer) depending on complexity of the project, availability of materials, and current workload. 



Coffee Tables: $600 and up

Desks: $1,000 and up

Dining Tables: $1,500 and up

Conference Tables: $2,500 and up


Design Process

To get started, fill out the form with as much information or little information as you would like. Whether your piece is fully designed or all you know is you want a dining table, we can help produce exactly what you are looking for. 


Bottom line, this is a jumping off point. We will be in contact with you and eventually produce a 3D model of your piece for final approval. 

3D Model of Kitchen Island
3D Model of Kitchen Island

Final Product
Final Product

3D Model of Kitchen Island
3D Model of Kitchen Island


Thanks for your inquiry! We will be in touch soon.